Design Media

Graphic design and write ups:

Using InDesign and imported pictures of Santorini from Pexels, I found text from possible tours that are provided in Santorini and promoted three tours for summer travelers. This project’s goal was to promote a location and target something specific the place offers. Santorini is a hot spot tourist location and has rich Greek culture and is surrounded by clear blue waters making it a great summer destination. The look of the brochure is pretty simple and straightforward. This project helped in learning how to work InDesign and solidify design principles. .

For this project, I created an identity for a restaurant based in Lynchburg, VA. I created a written description of the brand/aesthetic before beginning the visual ideation. I started by using Illustrator to create a logo that identifies the business. Next, created corresponding materials, which included: an envelope, business card, and letterhead. The design had the same aesthetic throughout and kept the key principles in focus. 

Using Illustrator I assisted in creating a logo for Chestnut Hill Bakery. Then put together a promotion for the company and made a poster, incorporating the logo and adding in text of the same fonts and colors from the bakery. The above is a mockup of the poster.

Podcast cover with image edited in Photoshop.