Start up

Welcome! My name is Marriaye York and I am a multimedia creator. On this page you can see a portfolio of my work including various designs and skills. Please take a look around!

Below I have listed my set skills and experiences:

Skills and Experience

Digital Marketing

I have created several digital marketing projects. Including videos, podcasts, social media, and different photography and editing sets.

Write ups

I have some write ups for speeches, emails, and brochures that can be seen under design media. Most of these are from research or personal experience.

Graphic design

I have done previous work in the Adobe Suite and am able to use Audition, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premier Pro.

Photography and edits

I have done my own photography through a canon camera as well as an iPhone. I’ve used Photoshop along with various other editing apps to edit photos.

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