Hello! My name is Marriaye York and I am from Lancaster, PA. I am currently a senior at Liberty University pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication and plan to graduate Spring of 2024. I love the world of marketing and being able to blend business with creativity. Showcased I have some of my work in graphic design, writing, and photography. Please take a look and reach out if you have any questions!

My mission is to cultivate spaces of design and creativity through communication and digital marketing.

Some fun facts:

  • I love being with family and friends. I come from a family of nine with six brothers, myself, and my parents. Our house has always been entertaining with lots of people. 🙂
  • I like shopping and can be found in different outlets or malls quite often with my mom, friends, or myself.
  • I love traveling! I have been outside the US a few times. Once to Canada, another to the Bahamas, and London. I especially love Europe and hope to see more of it in the future.
  • While I love travelling I’m also a major beach girl. I love summer and all things with it, the ocean, palm trees, sand, and of course ice cream!

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